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Steel Fiber Poly

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DM-1100 Ergonomic Drum Handler

Patent-pending design.
1,100 lb capacity
♦Ergonomic solution for lifting, transporting, and placing drms on spill pallets
♦No need for the operator to touch the drum to raise, transport or lower
♦1,100 lb capacity hydraulic jack for easy lifting of steel, poly and fiber drms.
♦Spring loaded clamp holds any rimmed drum
♦Ergonomic design allows drms to raise 20" above the floor
♦Swivel casters for easy movement and steering
♦Floor lock
Handles most standard 30, 55, and 85 gallon drms

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High-Lift Hydraulic
Drum Handler

Extended lift range - lifts 55 gallon drum 42.5" - enough to allow placement of drum on most pickup truck beds, shelves and racks
Lifts, transports and places drms on pallets
Works with most rimmed drms - steel, poly and fiber
Handles 55 and 85 gallon drms
Foot operated hydraulic pump - .46" lift per stroke
Easy width adjustment to accommodate a variety of pallets. Just remove lock pin and leg moves easily on caster - no need to lift truck to adjust
Four 7.5" moldon polyurethane swivel casters with precision roller bearings provide maximum maneuverability, even in confined areas

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Hydraulic Drum Handler

Economical method to lift and transport steel drms
Handles drms up to 22.5" in diameter
2 rigid and 1 swivel locking caster for easy maneuverability. Caster lock helps prevent accidental rolling
Straddles pallets up to 33" such as the new Euro pallet
Easy to use design - pulling top lever secures drum. Pallet truck-type pump handle takes the effort out of lifting drum
Moldon polyurethane casters - front 8", rear 5"

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